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Adele appears as Zoe in the Feature Film, ACCEPTABLE DAMAGE, which is now available to stream via the Sky Store , Amazon Prime , Google Play and iTunes.

Adele is currently touring the U.K. as Catherine Vane and Ellen Campbell in Tilted Wig's production of  THE PICTURE OF DORIAN GRAY , co-starring Jonathan Wrather as Lord Henry Wotton and Gavin Fowler as Dorian Gray.
Represented by:

Sam Boyd -  Creative Artists Management
T: +44 (0) 20 7292 0600


HEIGHT: 5'3"
EYE: Brown
HAIR: Brown

 THE PICTURE OF DORIAN GRAY - Catherine Vane/Ellen Campbell - U.K. Tour, Tilted Wig Productions

NINE NIGHT - Anita U/S - Trafalgar Studios, National Theatre

#HASHTAG LIGHTIE [REPRISED] - Ella - The Arcola Theatre, London

STOPCOCK [LITTLE PIECES OF GOLD] - MJ - Southwark Playhouse, London

MEATMAN [RAPID, WRITE, RESPONSE] - Jayne - Theatre 503, London

#HASHTAG LIGHTIE - Ella - The Arcola Theatre, London

IN THE PINK - Dolly - The Courtyard Theatre, London

EXPECTATIONS - Evie - Theatre N16, London


RED LIGHT - Vee / Lead - Ben Wicks Dir. / Shoreditch Pictures


ACCEPTABLE DAMAGE - Zoe - Lavinia Simina Dir. / Rebel Without Crew Films


LAST CALL - Savannah - Katerina Constantinidou Dir. / Fully Focused Productions, Million Youth Media

THE CAFE - Reese - Tyrell Williams Dir. / The Roundhouse

POST-YOU, ME - Rachel - Ben Wicks Dir. / Independent

WHAT WOULD YOU DO? - Samantha - Jordan Pitt Dir. / One Umbrella Productions

U.ME.I. - Samantha - Nosa Igbinedion Dir. / Igodo Films

MAD KELLY - Trina - Gino Ricardo Green Dir. / Black Apron Entertainment

WHO I AM - Lisbeth - Monika Wilczynska Dir. / ElaireCreates
Awarded "Best Lead Actress"


THAT'S WHAT SHE SAID [Pilot] - Shan / Lead - Zoe Alker Dir. / Igodo Films
THE LEE STRASBERG THEATRE & FILM INSTITUTE  [NEW YORK] - Acting: Lola Cohen, Tim Crouse, Bill Hopkins, Lorca Peress; Stage Combat: Allen Suddeth; Voice: Bruce Baumer